Winter Report 2016

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Dear Friends:

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Every time we come to this part of the year, it is incredible to reflect upon the sacrifice that God made so that we might have Life. Jesus “made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:7). I’m amazed how that the Creator of man became of the Son of Man, born to die for the sins of man. Oh, what a gift! What a God!

We are overwhelmed with what God has done in 2016. We are so thrilled to serve Him! The “Revival Road” has been exciting this year as we ministered in 22 states, with over 400 people coming to know the Lord through our evangelistic endeavors, and 250,000 Gospel tracts printed through our subsidiary ministry:

We are grateful that our children are doing well. David turned 4 in September, loves taking piano lessons with Mommy, is enjoying and excelling quickly in his pre-school (which has been an interesting addition to our traveling routine!), and has a dramatic imagination that can entertain for hours on end. Jonathan turned 2 in August and is trying to keep up with David in every area! He is still a sweetheart, who can melt your heart with his smile and his snuggles. He loves to “do school” with us sometimes too, and has recently learned how to write a couple letters of the alphabet. He is VERY proud of himself! Alyssa is now 7 months old, rolling all over the place, grabbing whatever she can get her little hands on and proceeding to put it straight into her mouth to chomp on. She got her first two teeth which has transformed her precious baby smile into a big girl smile all of the sudden. She continues to be a laid back, happy, content (yet curious) baby, VERY adored and protected by her big brothers!

In August, we set out for the first time as a family of 5 for our Fall Tour through the Midwest and all along the East Coast. Our Fall Tour took us first to Minnesota, then to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maryland. We held many Christian school revivals, Church revivals, a God and Country conference, and many wonderful services in between! We got a couple new projects completed, including another children’s book, Bible ABC’s. This book is beautifully illustrated and includes a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet and a short devotional for each verse. We desire for our children to hide God’s Word in their hearts, and we see such a capacity to memorize at their young ages! This book has been a burden on our hearts for a while; we are so thrilled that it is finally available on our website. Please consider in ordering your copy today!

We got home in November and jumped right into script writing for our church’s Live Animal Christmas Play. We did all the recordings in our recording studio this year with our Pastor and also helped assist in the organization of many of the scenes, as well as act as Joseph and Mary and sing a handful of songs throughout the play. David enjoyed wearing a costume and acting as an extra in the Market Scene this year! And Alyssa did great as our “older Baby Jesus” during the Flight to Egypt Scene. Now, all 3 of our kids have gotten to play Baby Jesus in the Christmas Play! We praise God for allowing the Live Animal Christmas Play to put on 7 showings of the 2-hour production this year, for the 4,100+ visitors that attended, and the 400+ who made professions of faith during the final Gospel message. It is such a privilege, honor and blessing to be able to be a part of this unique ministry that our church has been providing for over 40 years!

We enjoyed celebrating the Christmas holidays at home and now are gearing up for our Spring Tour (January-April). Excited to see what God will do as we head west and spend a majority of our tour in California! Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support of our family and ministry. May God bless you and give you a wonderful, prosperous and productive new year!

Your friend and servant,

John 3:30