Summer Update 2023

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters:

As we gear up to leave for our Fall meetings, we look back at the busy Summer God gave us and praise Him for all the marvelous things He did!  We held meetings in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I also flew to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico to preach two youth camps and a youth conference. Hundreds of decisions were made this summer – many souls saved, lives surrendered, and young people called to preach, to missions and to full-time ministry!

As of the beginning of August (since May) there have been 2,329 saved through The Gospel Film which has reached over 28 million people in 24 different countries! We praise God for how He is blessing this evangelistic endeavor, and we are so thankful for your faithful prayers for this aspect of our ministry!

At the end of May, I had the unique privilege of preaching out of Isaiah 45:22 through a translator via Zoom to over 1,000 Hindu people in India. (I spoke on a large LCD screen behind the translator on the platform at this open-air evangelistic crusade.) After my message, we had the opportunity to show the crowd The Gospel Film in their native language of Telugu. Over 250 precious souls boldly stood up and placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone!

The Redeeming Hope Film continues to spread around the world and impact the lives of countless souls. Since our last letter, 1,323 more people have come to Christ through watching this powerful video! If you and your church haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to visit, view the film and then share it with your church!

This spring, Katie wrote a song for our church’s youth conference entitled “The Frontlines” that we have since been singing a lot as a family. General S. C. Armstrong (a decorated war hero from the 19th century and the mentor of Booker T. Washington) declared, “What are Christians put into the world for except to do the impossible in the strength of God?” We are thankful that our children are able to serve with us in the ministry and learn these lessons at their young ages. We pray they always live a dedicated, sold-out life for God on the frontlines! 

Speaking of our children, they have been busy lately beginning their new school year. David is now in 6th grade, Jonathan is in 4th and Alyssa is in 2nd. Julianna is excited to work on some preschool with Mommy this year in preparation for kindergarten next year. It’s hard to believe our “baby” is almost 4! During our break at home the month of August, we recorded the vocals for our new family CD, which we look forward to releasing, Lord willing, in January 2024! The children sing on more songs this album than they ever have before on a family CD, and most of the songs are original songs by Katie or Katie and one or more of the children. We are so excited to finally be able to finish this album and pray it will bless hearts as the message of each song is sung. Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and financial support. We are indebted to your faithful investment into our lives and ministry. We are honored that you would partner with us. Our hearts burn to make the most of our time and resources for the furtherance of the Gospel in reaching a perishing world before it is too late. God bless you!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway


    1. This is the most wonderful news about Redeeming Hope! Thank God for your ministry & your heart to spread the great news of Christ❤️ I hope to see you at Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk again soon!

  1. Thank you Bro. Caleb for posts. I have enjoyed to see how God has and will continue to bless your ministry.

  2. It is with great honor and privilege tht you have entrusted us to pray for you and your ministry. Humbly I pray each time your E-mail is sent tht our Savior in His mercy will grant you Power, Spiritual Guidance, Clarity of Mind & Thought to Preach His Word; tht countless Souls will come to know our Precious Savior and His Gift of Salvation! May the Prayers of Gods People go before you to prepare each heart and bring each under submission to His Will! ☝🏽🙏🏽

  3. Praying for your ministry. Thanks for the update. To God be the glory!

  4. Continuing to pray for your ministry. God blessings on your family. Looking forward to hear the CD when released.

  5. My chapter to read today is Isaiah 45. I am a Sunday school teacher for 2-5 year olds. I’m teaching them scripture with songs I made with the alphabet. Isaiah. 45:22 is the one I do with the letter L. It’s exciting to see so many saved by your ministry. God bless you. ❤️🙏

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