Summer Update 2022

Dear friends and faithful supporters,

It is with great joy that I write to you from the comforts of our home in Washington, IA! My family and I just returned from our summer circuit of revival meetings. We left in April and were on the road for a total of 101 days! It is hard to put into words an encapsulation of all that God did in our meetings. We could sense His presence in every service, and every conference and revival had a visible mark of Heaven upon it! Many trusted Christ, scores of adults and youth surrendered their lives to Christ, and over 100 were called into full-time Christian service (many of those were called to preach or called to missions!). My wife and I are overwhelmed to see the hand of our good God at work in hearts.

We began our summer getting to preach a Revival in WV with my dear friend and mentor, Bro. John Reynolds (who is also the Vice President of our non-profit organization, The Gospel Film Project). What a joy it was to have that time of fellowship and ministry alongside one another! We then held many meetings in Michigan before making our way to Ohio for a few meetings there. During our stay in Ohio, we were returning home from church late one night and hit a deer head-on! We are so thankful for God’s divine protection – no air bags went off, we were all unharmed, and the windshield was not even cracked. The front of our van was severely damaged, however, and had to remain in Ohio for a few weeks to be repaired. God miraculously provided every penny we needed to meet our insurance deductible AND pay for a rental van for the next few weeks so we could journey on to Indiana! Praise the Lord!! We are so grateful for the generosity of His children! (To read more of this amazing story, please visit our website.)

One of our meetings in Indiana was in Winona Lake, Billy Sunday’s hometown, at the Rodeheaver Auditorium! Over 30 churches joined together for a one-day Revival. I had the privilege of preaching that evening behind the pulpit Billy Sunday preached his last sermon from before he went to Heaven a week later. What a mighty move of God we saw! Many adults knelt at the altar weeping and dedicating themselves to Christ. A 75-year-old man came up to me after the service and said, “I’ve never given my entire heart to God, but tonight I did!” We have seen more and more that surrender is not just for teenagers. It is for believers of ALL ages!

We then headed south and held meetings in TN, TX, NM, KS and MO – many of those meetings being youth conferences and camps. We praise God for the work He did in the hearts of all those young people! Our final stop before heading back home to Iowa was Branson, MO, where we enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation as a family. It had been a busy, full, exciting summer! This special week was the cherry on top for us.

While we’ve been home, the children have continued working hard in school. David is in 5th grade, Jonathan is in 3rd and Alyssa is in 1st. Julianna surprised us all by potty-training in just 3 days, as soon as we got home this month. We were so proud of her! I have stayed busy mixing our first-ever KIDS ALBUM!! This album features 20 songs sung by our 3 oldest children (with Katie and I joining on a couple of them and even 2-year-old Julianna making her debut!). We hope to have it out by mid-September.

Another new release this year was the Echoes of Yesteryear series; a 3-volume set filled with sermons preached at D. L. Moody’s campground in Northfield, MA from 1894-1899 with an emphasis on holiness, revival, a Christ-centered life, the power of God, and personal soulwinning.Thankfully, stenographers painstakingly recorded in shorthand every single word uttered by the preachers from behind the pulpit during those years (F. B. Meyer, R. A. Torrey, Andrew Murray, D. L. Moody, G. Campbell Morgan, and so many more!). The sermons were printed in annual commemorative volumes after each year of conferences. The Lord has allowed me to collect these rare books, and I’ve spent years pouring over each message. I have prayerfully selected several messages that spoke to my heart and re-published them within this brand-new series Echoes of Yesteryear. This is the closest way we can possibly get to “being there” in the services, because as you read the sermons, you are reading verbatim how they were delivered “in the very moment” by wonderful men of God that the Lord used in a mighty way!

“The Gospel Film” has been going forward strong. To God be the Glory – the Lord has allowed us to reach 23,910,581 souls in 22 countries since April in multiple languages. 1,631 individuals have written in that they’ve trusted Christ as their personal Saviour! “This the LORD’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23). There are so many stories of hope and Divine enlightenment as souls who’ve been sitting in absolute darkness have heard the Gospel clearly presented to them for the very first time!

Please keep us in your faithful, fervent prayers. To stay up-to-date with our meetings and travels each week, we encourage you to join our prayer chain called “The Remnant Initiative.” Close to 900 people are a part of this, and we’d be delighted to have you on board. Please text the following – TheRemnant – to 84576, and you will be able to receive text updates so that you may be a prayer warrior/intercessor for our ministry. We would be grateful for your partnership in praying for a move of God and revival!

We head out next week for our fall travels in the Northeast. Please keep us in your prayers that God would continue to work in a mighty way through each and every meeting! God bless you, and we love you!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway


  1. Thank you so very much for being a conduit for God to work.
    Being a child of God is the finest thing on earth. To watch you, our brother, obey, and proclaim His Good News in these days, shines profusely with utmost importance.
    Connecting to our great Father above in prayer for you and your family has brought great joy!
    Believing He is alive, still on His Throne, and at work in our lives to point the lost to Him, – is the greatest purpose!
    Glory to His Holy Name!!
    Thankful His power stirs us too!!

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