Summer Update 2021

God is so good! What a busy summer we have had! We left home in May and were gone for 95 days with meetings that brought us to West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family – God has protected us, kept our vehicle in wonderful condition and blessed us with safe journeys all summer long!

It has been beautiful to behold several mighty moves of God in our meetings this summer! We have seen scores saved, many surrender their lives to God, young men called to preach, and young people called to full-time Christian service. God is not done with America yet – these surrendered lives are proof that God can still do a mighty work in this nation!

During a youth conference in July, a young man in tears raised his hand for salvation during the invitation. Later, we found out he had previously given his life over to Satan and was wearing a “Satan’s Hand” ring to symbolize that choice. That day, however, the power of God defeated the power of Satan in that young man’s life! He came forward weeping and gloriously trusted Christ! He hugged me afterwards and fervently repeated, “Thank you!”

There were other times when the invitation would break out in the middle of the sermon, people streaming to the altar, weeping uncontrollably. We don’t ask for this show of emotion and we don’t expect it either. But when it happens as evidence of the mighty moving of the Holy Spirit as He breaks down walls around hardened hearts, it sure is exciting to see!

With our Gospel tract printing ministry, Silent Witness Literature, the Lord has allowed us to print another 330,000 tracts this summer. What a blessing! The seeds of the Gospel are going forth through churches and we are honored to partner with them in Gospel distribution.

Please also pray for the Lord to continue to reach the multitudes around the world through “The Gospel Film” as His love goes forth to the precious lost! In the past 3 months, this cinematic presentation of Bible salvation came across the social media feed of 8,212,211 souls around the world with 3,554,091 people viewing it and 632 folks reaching out to us sharing that they trusted Christ as their personal Saviour! Here are a few amazing testimonies:

Elvista from Sierra Leone wrote, “Your message touched my heart so much, and I’m so happy I listened. I have never heard anything like this before. I trust in Jesus.”

Victor Naveen from India shared, “After seeing this my heart was touched and I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. One of the most beautiful messages I have seen on Facebook, and I am now saved. Thank you, Jesus.”

Balla Kamara from Liberia, Africa replied after being asked if he had trusted Christ, “Yes I did, and it felt like a big load had been taken from my head. Thank Jesus!”

Jackie Collins said, “You just took tears from my eyes. I believe that Jesus died for my sin, and I know now He has forgiven me. Thanks so much for this!”

Javied Yousaf from Pakistan wrote us: “When I was listening to your message, it touched my heart and my eyes fill with water. I am thankful to the Glory of Lord that He choose you to change my life.”

Muzala from Zambia contacted us and said, “I just lost my mother. I came across your page when I was looking for answers on Facebook of what happens to people when they die. Your page popped up…. Am glad I found it. Thank you for preaching. I asked Jesus to save me. Pray that I may grow spiritually. A prayer that my mother always prayed for the family.”

Jerry Sammie from Liberia: “When I watch this video, I was so excited and then I said to myself WOW, Jesus Christ is the truth God. Right away I decided to fallow Christ Jesus, because He is the Savior.”

Salami Bola from Nigeria wrote in: “This video help me to know that Jesus love me and he die for me to live. I’m from a Muslim family but glory be to God, today I am now a Christian, a child of God.”

I received this text message from an associate pastor in Indiana in July: “About two weeks ago I met the local National Guard recruiter. He is a single man, age 35, who attended Catholic grade school. Six days ago, I took him out to lunch and shared the gospel. He listened well and said he would think about what we discussed. This evening I met him and showed him the gospel film you created. At the end of the film, he accepted Christ.”

These testimonies barely scratch the surface of the wonderful Gospel work God is doing through this film. We thank you so much for your faithful prayers for this ministry, that the enemy would be stayed, and that the Gospel presentation would be able to freely go forth into the uttermost parts of the earth!

Our family has enjoyed being home the past couple weeks for a break before our fall travels! David is almost 9 and is working hard in 4th grade! He devours books and is beginning to enjoy learning songs by ear on the piano (along with his regular piano lessons with Mom!). Jonathan just turned 7 and is doing great in 2nd grade. He loves singing for the Lord and is excited to get to sing with our church’s children’s choir this week in our missions conference. Our new kindergartener, Alyssa (age 5), is a determined little girl who doesn’t quit until she gets something accomplished. She spent hours attempting the 3-story rock wall at camp this summer – even continuing in the rain – and to our shock and surprise, she made it to the top! She is excelling in piano and violin, always excited for a new challenge! Julianna is almost 2 and has especially enjoyed being home this month as she has discovered so many fun toys to play with, dresser drawers to explore, and a backyard/trampoline to enjoy! When we were home last, she wasn’t even walking yet, so a lot has changed since then, and she is seeing our home with new eyes! She is a sweet, spunky, yet shy little lady who loves snuggles and singing!

We head out for our fall meetings on August 31st and return home, Lord-willing, on November 11th. We would appreciate your prayers on our behalf as we travel and minister during these months. Please pray for God’s power to mightily be upon us as we yield ourselves to Him and crave His anointing in each service.

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway & family

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