Summer Report 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters:

“Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory!” (I Chronicles 29:11). What a joy it is to share with you the wonderful things God has been doing over these past few summer months! Our last prayer letter described the vehicle accident I was in that should have taken my life (but the Lord protected me miraculously and allowed me to walk away unscathed, though our 15-passenger van was totaled). God showed us His powerful hand time and time again through this. When we found our backs up against a wall, needing a vehicle so we could leave for our summer meetings one week later, God touched the hearts of dozens of dear believers all over the country to give toward a new van. God directed us to a mid-roof 2019 Ford Transit 350, with extremely low mileage on it for a very good price. Over the course of the next few days, love gifts kept flooding in, and before we knew it, all $31,000 had been given to us for this vehicle! We were blown away and reminded again, “GOD CAN!”

Another blessing is that this summer, another 140,000 homes across America were covered by “The Cure” EDDM (every door direct mailer) — please pray with us for lasting fruit from this unique witnessing endeavor as we work with local churches in getting the Gospel out in local communities.

On June 3rd, we released “The Gospel Film” — a 14-minute clear and cinematic presentation of eternal salvation. We are blown away with how the Lord has used this film around the world within the first two months. There have been over 1.5 million views, and it has been shared over 20,000 times on social media! More than 150 souls that we personally know of have trusted Christ as their Saviour through watching the film! It is an excellent soulwinning resource that can be used by anyone anywhere. We are also able to personalize it for various churches and ministries FOR FREE. If you are interested, it can be personalized with your local church’s contact information at the beginning, twice toward the conclusion, and again at the very end. Scores of churches have received this video for personal use, and it is taking off like wild-fire! To God be the glory! You can receive this video personalized by filling out the “church form” on the website: We have developed a full-color business card “tract” featuring “The Gospel Film” with a QR code on the back that a person can scan with their phone and it will take them straight to the video on Facebook. Also, we have developed an audio adaptation of this presentation that is available for people to listen to when they call: (917) 525-2142. We have received hundreds of calls! Over 26,000 “Gospel Film” cards have been printed and are being distributed by churches around the nation. We’ve also paid to have it translated into eight languages (we hope to get it into more languages over time)! We are praying that God would burden the hearts of people to donate toward this project. $115 can get this film professionally and accurately translated (subtitling) into a foreign language. Would you please help us? Now more than ever, our world needs the Gospel message — for it is the only thing that can bring hope, healing, and peace to those who are searching!

The summer was full of wonderful meetings in a variety of settings, thanks to Covid-19: some were completely live-streamed (with no one in the audience). Others were held in church with just a small group of people distanced throughout the auditorium and everyone else joining us online. Some were in full churches, but we all had to wear masks. And others were in churches with great crowds, a bombastic choir, hand-shaking, and potluck dinners (just like the “good ol’ days”!). Thankfully, despite the wide variety of circumstances surrounding each meeting, we have seen God move and work each time — in every single meeting — stirring hearts for revival! Our 92 days on the road brought us to New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, West Virginia, Illinois, New Mexico, and Arizona. Many souls were saved, hearts stirred, lives surrendered, and young people being called of God to enter full-time ministry. We thank God for the safety and blessings He provided!

In the beginning of August, we had the amazing opportunity to record the soundtracks for our new family CD, “God Can” (appropriate title, don’t you think?!) with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The months of hard work leading up to this day, and the months of work/recording following are overwhelming sometimes, but as each phase comes together and the album continues to take shape, we get more and more excited with what God is allowing it to become! The kids’ singing has developed so much this year, and they love to sing with us in churches — so it only made sense to have them on more songs this time than on our last CD! It has been fun recording vocals these last couple weeks, seeing their joy and passion for these songs come to life. Please lift this project and the vocal recording still yet to be done up in prayer. We long for God’s hand upon it, as He has designed godly music to be one of the main means to nurture the spirit of His children.

We thank the Lord that our children are doing well. But they growing up so quickly…Julianna will be 1 on September 6th! She is a sweet, easy-going girl who loves her siblings and loves to eat. Alyssa is 4 and enjoying pre-school with Mommy this year. She is Mommy’s right hand, wanting to help with cooking, laundry, taking care of the baby, etc. And help she does! We are thankful for her mature, dependable spirit. Johnny turned 6 on August 14th, and is enjoying all he is learning in 1st grade. His piano playing continues to progress and his singing tone and range has improved so much this year. He continues to melt the hearts of everyone he meets across the country! David will be 8 on September 20th, and is especially enjoying History in 3rd grade this year. He loves to read and he is doing very well in his piano lessons with Mom. He recently memorized a couple more advanced pieces and has really found a love for playing. We pray he will always use any musical talents he is given for God!

Thank you for your support, and please — I beg of you — keep us in your daily prayers. We need the power of the Holy Ghost to anoint our lives, and it is our yearning that the breeze from the Heavenly Country will continue to blow upon our meetings as we travel. America is in desperate need of God, and we are earnestly interceding, “O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known; in wrath remember mercy” (Habakkuk 3:2). GOD CAN!! Keep staying faithful, friends; it’s making a difference before the throne of grace. We love you!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,


I Samuel 14:6


  1. This is thrilling! We are still reaping rewards from the youth revival you preached at Temple Baptist of Manchester, Tennessee, right before COVID-19 started up. We circulated “The Cure” through our county and had several visitors in our services from it.
    I personally am very excited to learn that you’ll be in my parents’ church this fall: Mountain Valley Baptist Church in Challis, Idaho! They’re in for a treat.
    Be safe. Thank you for the update!

  2. Simply refreshed by reading what our Awesome Saviour has done and is doing in your lives and through you.
    We pray it will encompass our land and revival will breakout & magnify Him totally!
    Faithfully we will continue to be praying for you and His people.

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