Summer Report 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We apologize we haven’t gotten a prayer letter to you sooner! We like to give the summer ministry update in September, however, with the wonderful life-altering event of having a new baby in the beginning of September, our update got slightly delayed! We hope you understand and will forgive us! We are indebted to your patience and your prayers. Life has been a whirlwind for the Garraway family! We are thrilled to share with you what honestly is just a small portion of all that we have experienced these past few months. God has been so good!!

We are overwhelmed with how the Lord led and blessed in each meeting we held this late spring and summer! In May, we had the privilege of helping host the Our Time Youth Conference at our home church. God worked mightily, and many teenagers’ lives were changed. Also in May, we were able to take a trip to Florida to have a reunion with Katie’s parents and siblings and their families. We had a very special time together and made lots of memories! Alyssa turned 3 that week, and enjoyed celebrating a wonderful birthday party with all her Sawyer cousins.

We began our “Summer Travels” May 18th and were on the road until August 5th holding meetings in Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. We witnessed the Lord do a great number of marvelous things! I don’t even know where to begin…. There has been an evident move of God in almost every church, conference, or camp. To experience this never grows old, but we become more hungry and thirsty to see Him work in a powerful way. Scores have been saved, many lives were surrendered to God, and a host of young people were called to preach or to full-time ministry. One meeting alone, over 30 young men were called to preach through an evening message. We wish that you could come and see these things for yourself. It is incredible to behold all that the Lord is doing! We have witnessed much outbreak of revival and entire churches stirred for the cause of Christ. The Spirit of God has breathed life back into people and reminded them of their purpose and potential. This is our heartbeat and burden for the churches of America!

In July, David and Jonathan started the new school year. David is now in 2nd grade and really enjoys all he is learning this year. His favorite subject is History although he also loves to read and really excels at art and drawing. He has made great progress this year in his piano lessons and looks forward to being able to play offertory duets with Mommy in churches soon!

Jonathan loves kindergarten and learns very quickly. He is doing a great job learning cursive and can’t wait to officially learn to read! He started piano lessons recently and is progressing fast (trying to catch up to David, probably J). We are very excited to announce that on Sunday morning, July 14, after many months of questions and discussions about the Gospel, Johnny came to us and said he was ready to trust Jesus to be his Saviour! The angels were rejoicing as our son prayed and gave His life to Christ that morning! David was very excited to hear the news when he woke up and was so thankful God had answered his prayers for his brother’s salvation!

Alyssa, now almost 3½, keeps busy playing pretend, drawing, or helping Mommy with the new baby, laundry, or cooking during the morning while the boys do school! The second they’re done, she’s right alongside them playing legos, lightsaber battles, trains, or whatever they’re playing at the moment. She is the perfect combo of girlie girl and tomboy!

Little Julianna Grace was born on September 6th and is a very sweet precious addition to our family! I’m sure that most of you saw our Facebook announcement of this. She and Katie are doing very well. We thank God for the four blessings He has given us and ask for your prayers as we seek to raise them according to God’s Word and in His way.

Our Gospel tract ministry continues to be a help and blessing to many churches across the country. We praise God we’ve had over 920,000 tracts printed and distributed in just four years! An untold host has come to know the Lord through this exciting evangelistic venture. If your church is looking for tracts with a clear Gospel presentation and classy design, check out our website:

From mid-September until mid-November, our meetings are a bit closer to home, which allows us to base out of our house in Iowa. I have gone to a couple meetings by myself, allowing Katie to rest, recover, and adjust to life with the new baby at home. God has blessed the meetings we’ve had so far in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri! While home between meetings, we are working hard on getting many resources developed that will soon be released through our ministry – so stay tuned!

We also have begun to work alongside our pastor on the Live Animal Christmas Play, which our church puts on each year. It is a large endeavor with the potential to reach thousands of unsaved visitors with the Gospel, so we covet your prayers for us that God will give wisdom in these planning stages!

Thank you again for your prayers and support! We are so grateful for each one of you!

Your friend and servant,


John 3:30

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