Summer Report 2018

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Dear Friends,

Wow! We are blown away with what God has been doing! As always, it is a joy to serve the Lord, but we don’t deserve the opportunities He has granted us to labor for Him.

We had a lot of fun helping host and moderate the national Our Time Youth Conference at our home church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church, in April. The conference theme was “TRUTH”, and many decisions were made for Christ. The Lord allowed me to produce four new short films (that can be found on our YouTube channel, TheGarraways) that we premiered at the meeting. One particularly is entitled “The Price of Truth”. I am overwhelmed at how God has been using this film in a mighty way since its release online. I have heard multiple reports of it being shown all over the nation at several major youth conferences this summer. In a couple of instances, young people were flooding the altar by the end of the film, weeping, getting right with God, and surrendering their lives to Him. You can view it HERE. Please watch it, and share it with your church! It is free to use!

In May, I flew out to Maryland with my dear friend and pastor, Joseph Brown, to preach at the first-ever Our Time Northeast Youth Conference. Pastor Shiflett and Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, MD, were phenomenal hosts. It was a blessing to see the resolve and passion spreading to the youth in that part of the country that it is indeed our time to do our part in reaching our generation!

Over the course of the next few months, my family and I held many wonderful meetings in Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Yes, that indicates MANY, MANY miles travelled — we are grateful for your prayers for God’s protection over us as we crisscross this country! We are also thankful for children that travel really well! We spoke at 7 youth conferences over the course of the summer and preached for a week of youth camp. Katie was also able to speak to the girls at many of these youth conferences on purity and modesty.

I am blown away at how God has been moving in our meetings. I am even hesitant to mention it because it would grieve me if any glory were detracted from the Lord. He has been bringing about several “Psalm 118:23” moments this summer. One instance was at the Our Time Southwest Youth Conference. It was indescribable. I felt led to preach on the thought of “Arise and Shine” about soulwinning and missions. I poured out my heart for about 10 minutes from the book of Lamentations 1:11-12 & 2:11 & 19, getting us set up to go to Acts 16 and look at the Macedonian Cry. Katie and I then sang “How Can We Reach A World We Never Touch” — BUT GOD MOVED IN & HE HAD DIFFERENT PLANS!!

Young people began to trickle to the altar during the song, praying and weeping. By the end of it, the altars were filled with almost half the auditorium…. Hundreds were huddled together in sincere prayer to Almighty God. Katie continued to softly play after we were done singing. From that time on, it is difficult to relate what happened.

Over the duration of 60+ minutes, everyone had come to the altar at least once. Some groups had come two or three times — I lost count how many young people filled out decision slips surrendering their lives to the Lord, surrendering to full-time Christian service, surrendering to missions, surrendering to the call to preach, committing to become a better soulwinner for Christ, getting victory over sin, weeping for family members, and getting saved. We prayed over specific young people for the power of God and boldness to witness to the lost parents and family members. It was such a sweet time!! It was just incredible!! It was one of those things where you just had to be there to understand the experience. It was amazing and Heavenly!

This sort of thing has been happening time and again. To God be the glory! Please continue to pray for us. We need an intensity of prayers; I beg of you. Our hearts burn, longing to see God do a wonderful reviving work in America. We have begun to experience localized breakthrough here and there. But we crave to see it widespread!

In the beginning of August, it was a joy to teach, sing, and preach at Majesty Music’s conference in Virginia. We have worked with Majesty Music on music videos in the past and, after growing up listening to Patch Adventures and now watching our children’s lives also be impacted by them, we are so indebted to their ministry and thankful whenever we get to be a part of it! David (our 5 1/2 year old son) was asked to play a character on this year’s Patch Adventure — he was thrilled with the opportunity and did an amazing job recording his lines and song a couple weeks ago. He plays “Herbert, the boy genius” — you won’t want to miss this adventure! You will be able to purchase a copy from or from our website later this fall.

We have completed another devotional book for kids entitled, “Bible Character for Children”, featuring over 20 different character traits, a verse to go with each, a colorful illustration and a devotional teaching each one on a child’s level. This book, as well as our other kids devotional book, Bible ABC’s can be purchased on our website HERE.

Silent Witness Literature (our tract-printing ministry) continues to thrive — with over 675,000 tracts printed to date! I am currently working on our latest evangelistic short film, “Redeeming Hope”, which tells the story of a homeless veteran struggling with addiction problems and coping with life as he battles with his past. It is a very moving, relatable story that features a couple of our Gospel tracts. Please fervently pray as we are in the midst of working on the post-production of that now!

This fall, we will also be working on recording our latest album, Lord-willing. Both David AND Jonathan will be singing with us on this one, which we are very excited about. It will feature a couple new original songs by Katie, as well as some old favorites of ours and some newer songs encouraging faithfulness in the work of the Lord. We are praying it is available for release in the early part of next year! Please keep this project in prayer with us as well.

The kids are growing up before our eyes…David will be 6 in September and is already well into 1st grade (he begged to start in June, so we complied!). He reads well and continues to enjoy learning. Jonathan recently turned 4 and has decided he wants to learn to read too (he has a great role model in David!). He enjoys pre-school and is learning fast! Both boys enjoy memorizing God’s Word — they memorized Psalm 1 earlier this year and lately have been putting Psalm 139 to memory. They are almost halfway through right now! Alyssa is 2, but seems much older — she talks amazingly and is constantly keeping up with her brothers in everything. She tries to memorize all the Bible verses with them and actually does a pretty good job for her age! She has even joined them on stage at churches singing and quoting Scripture, although she is still pretty unpredictable and goofy at times — so we haven’t done it too much yet!

We are very grateful for your support and prayers — God has poured out His blessings on us, our family, and our ministry this year so far. We are overwhelmed by that. We look forward to all He will do and how He will move in our meetings during the next few months!

It is our fervent prayer that the winds of Heaven blow through your church and across our land. We definitely believe that national revival is possible. “God Can!” Let us passionately pray for this, believing that He is able, and press forward for Him until He makes it become a reality. Don’t quit!!

Your friend and servant,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway
John 3:30

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