Spring Update 2024

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters:

Our Spring travels have kept us busy from January 5th to April 5th with meetings in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. For 12 days in January, Katie and I were blessed to be able to take our first missions’ trip together to Auckland, New Zealand! God moved in a mighty way through the preaching and singing in the 4 church revivals and the National Pastor’s Conference we were a part of. The highlight for us was seeing 3 young men called to preach! 

This spring, we have conducted a total of 73 revival services with over 8,000 different people in attendance (to the best of our knowledge). They have been incredible meetings with souls trusting Christ, both young and old alike surrendering or re-surrendering their lives to God, and a multitude of decisions being made concerning sanctification and soulwinning. In one service alone, over 100 young people made a vow to God to never taste a drop of alcohol or do illegal drugs! We rejoice in the marvelous working of the Holy Spirit! The wonder has not worn off.

“The Gospel Film” continues to make a global impact. Since our last letter, the video has come across the feed of 39,017,036 people in 30+ countries with 24,969,850 views. The film was shared 33,322 times with 6,057 professions of faith that we are aware of! “This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

Next month on May 23rd, we are approaching the one-year anniversary to the public release of our film “Redeeming Hope.” What the Lord has done since then is truly amazing. At the time of this letter being written, almost 11,000 people have trusted Christ as their personal Saviour! Since the beginning of January, our two teams in India have conducted over 45 “Redeeming Hope Crusades” that have been well received in the various villages where these meetings have been held. Churches have been started and the stories of changed lives are overwhelming. We urge you to visit our new website: redeeminghopecrusades.com to read the glorious testimonies of salvation! Truly, “the Lord’s doing”!

I would like to take a moment and express our need for your financial help. NEXT MONTH, on May 30th, we are hosting a 3,500-4,000 in person evangelistic crusade in India. We just made the decision to move forward with this on Wednesday (a few days ago). I will be preaching on the large LED wall to all the people through a translator. We will also be showing the film “Redeeming Hope.” HERE IS THE PRICE BREAKDOWN:

  • Stage, sound, lights, generator cost would be – 1,50,000 INR
  • LED screens on the ground and stage – 30,000 INR
  • Auto rickshaws transportation – 2,25,000 INR (150 auto rickshaws) 
  • Music – 10,000 INR
  • 3,000 Chairs rental – 30,000 INR
  • Posters and pamphlets – 30,000 INR

TOTAL — 4,75,000 INR = $5,697.47

I am absolutely convinced God will raise the funds! He has been so faithful and generous since the birth of this “Redeeming Hope Crusades” ministry, and we have seen Him answer prayer with glorious provision over and over again. Would you please prayerfully consider being a part of this great meeting and sacrificially giving? Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: The funds would not go to us. Any and all checks would need to be made payable to “Redeeming Hope Crusades” and be mailed to:

Redeeming Hope Crusades

P. O. Box 387

Washington, IA 52353

Or you can donate online at: www.redeeminghopecrusades.com/donate

Our children are continuing to grow and thrive as we travel and minister together as a family across the country. Besides singing with us in almost every meeting now, all 3 of the older ones are continuing to progress in their piano playing, David in his trumpet, Alyssa with her violin and our newest instrument addition – Jonathan learning the cello! We pray they will always love to learn and most importantly, use their musical talents for the Lord! 

We are just 3 months away from meeting our 5th child, a sweet little girl! Katie is very thankful for a smooth pregnancy so far. Please continue to pray for all to progress well in the next 2 months as we’re on the road and away from her doctor! We will arrive home about 4 weeks before her due date!

One of the biggest blessings of our time at home the last 3 weeks was our youngest, Julianna (age 4 ½) coming to us and expressing her desire to trust Jesus as her personal Savior. We were overjoyed as we talked with her and prayed with her and rejoiced with her as she became a part of the family of God on April 18th! She is so excited to be saved now and loves to share her good news with everyone (including the cashier at the store the other day!). Praise God for the faith of a child!

Katie and I went to Indianapolis for a couple days this April to record the orchestra for our next album (coming out next year, Lord willing). We were not planning originally to start the ball rolling on our next album this soon after completing the Glorious Praise album in January, but with the baby coming this summer, we figured now was the best time to get a bulk of the orchestration work done. We are thankful that the 7.5 hour recording session with Katie conducting the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra went extremely well! Our good friend, Steve Milliken & I produced, and God gave us the wisdom we needed to end the day with beautifully orchestrated new tracks! We can’t wait for this album to come together in the months ahead! Glorious Praise (our most recent family CD) has been a blessing to so many already in the last 3 months – if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, they are available for purchase on our website HERE!

We covet your prayers for our family as we head out this week for our early summer travels – taking us to West Virginia, Indiana, Kansas, and Colorado. We are excited as we anticipate all the great things God has in store for the meetings ahead! I wanted to end this letter by expressing our gratefulness for your faithful prayers. (Honestly, words are not sufficient.) We fervently believe that without intercession – there will be NO outpouring! I know that many of you receive our text messages for weekly (sometimes daily) updates of our ministry to seek the Lord on our behalf. Please do not underestimate the timeliness and the power of your prayers. We need you, and we love you! It is an honor to co-labor with you in the Lord’s work!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway

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