Spring Report 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We are excited to bring you an update of our ministry as we recap the last few months of God’s faithfulness and goodness to our family! Our year began with much travel, and many wonderful meetings along the way. Our first meeting was January 3rd and we were out on the road with a full schedule until April 2nd, when we had to come home a couple weeks early because of COVID-19. We held meetings this Spring in West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and South Carolina. We don’t even know where to begin describing the Heavenly working of God in the midst of these revival meetings. He is so wonderful! Many saved, surrendered, and stirred. We experienced many services with sweet tears wept at the altar with churches being reignited for the cause of Christ.

On March 16th, as the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the country, God led me to write and design our 22nd Gospel tract called “THE CURE.” Katie and I have been overwhelmed at the response by a host of churches across America in getting this Gospel tract and EDDM version [Every Door Direct Mailer] for their community. At this point, over 369,245 lives and homes (as of May 10, 2020) across our nation have received the clear message of the Gospel through “THE CURE” by way of canvassing, gift bags, care packages, or in the mail! To God be the glory! “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

When we came home the beginning of April, the Lord opened the doors for me to preach several livestream meetings for youth groups and churches from our home office! I had the joy of going to Texas by myself at the very end of April/beginning of May to conduct a revival for Northside Baptist Church in the Fort Hood area. We had an incredible, soul-stirring, Spirit-moving meeting with this sweet church family via drive-in and with those who also joined us online. I am so thankful and humbled with how the Lord met with us!

On Sunday evening May 3rd, I was driving part of the way home from my revival meeting with Northside Baptist Church, planning to stop around midnight and stay overnight at a missions apartment in Gainesville (provided by my dear friend Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr. and Crossroads Baptist Church). I was going to finish the drive home to Katie and the kids on Monday, May 4th.

At 11:35pm, when I was just 20 minutes away from my destination, I noticed a car rapidly speeding up behind me (driving so fast, it made me feel as if my vehicle was standing still!). I attempted to move over into the other lane to get out of this car’s way, but I couldn’t get over in time and the car smashed into the back of my 15-passenger van. The impact spun my vehicle and made it skid sideways down the highway for about 30 yards. The front of my van collided into the concrete barrier in the middle of the highway, slid along it, and then spun 180 degrees, pivoting and causing the back of my van to also hit the barrier. The car that hit me never stopped but fled the scene immediately. Because of the merciful protective hand of God, I came out unscathed and unharmed, except for a small abrasion on my arm caused by the deployed airbags! It is an absolute miracle that the van did not flip and that I wasn’t hurt more seriously! Another miracle is that a few hours after the accident, the police found the escaped vehicle and arrested the men.

I am so grateful for my dear friend, Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr. from Gainesville, who came to my aid in the middle of the night on the side of the road, and helped me remove everything out of my van before it was taken away. I was able to sleep a few hours, and then rent a van to finish the long trip home to Iowa on Monday May 4th. I got home safely around 9:20pm! Praise God!!

The whole family and I were scheduled to head back out by May 15th with meetings which will last from May-November (with just a short break at home in August). Because our van was totaled, we needed to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry. We have stood back through this whirlwind of a time to witness the miraculous provision and guidance of our good God. Katie and I are blown away and humbled by the generosity of so many from across the nation and, as of today (May 10th), $15,000 has been given to us for this new vehicle! Our God never ceases to amaze us!

This past week, David and Jonathan finished school with flying colors. David excelled in all of his 2nd grade classes, but especially loved History, Science (especially experiments!) and Creative Writing. Jonathan did a wonderful job with his diligence in Kindergarten. He enjoyed every aspect of it, and now loves to read and has the most beautiful cursive writing (which was something he had to really dedicate himself to mastering, because it was NOT easy for him at first!). We couldn’t be prouder of our boys and their hard work this year!

Also last week, on May 7, our almost-four-year-old Alyssa came to us wanting to trust Jesus as her Savior! She had asked about it in the past over the past few months, but we could always tell she wasn’t quite ready yet. Well, this time, she wouldn’t take no for an answer! She must have asked 10+ times that day, until finally, after dinner that evening, Katie and I took her to our room and showed her how to be saved! She was very knowledgeable of the Gospel and broken over her sin. We praise God for redeeming our little girl and also for the work of spiritual growth He has been faithfully doing in our boys’ hearts and lives this year! 

If you haven’t visited our YouTube channel or ministry Facebook page lately, I’d encourage you to stop by and see the two new videos we have released recently on the theme of Revival. These short films have been viewed by thousands and used in a multitude of churches. We pray that God will spark a fire in each viewer’s heart that will grow and lead to a National Revival like never seen before! GOD CAN!!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,


I Samuel 14:6

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