Spring Report 2018

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Dear Friends,

We are so thrilled with all that God has done this Spring! From January to April, the Lord blessed us with wonderful revivalistic meetings in Arkansas, Texas for 7 weeks, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Missouri. In every meeting, the Spirit of God came down, and at times, He worked in especially mighty and unique ways. In a few instances, I didn’t even get to preach because the Holy Spirit was already moving and working in the service through our special music, with folks coming to the altar in tears!

One story of how God worked took place in Texas, during a Revival meeting there. The pastor’s son had been struggling in his relationship with his parents and with the Lord. After the Revival services were over, he wrote a letter to my wife and I telling us how God used what I preached to work in his heart and convict him of his need to get right with his parents and fully surrender his life to the Lord. He is now on fire for God and desiring to go to Bible college and pursue the ministry! Praise the Lord!

We had the blessing of being part of Capitol Connection again this March. Katie wrote a new song entitled “Oh Spirit, Revive” that we sang at the meeting. It is very convicting and sobering, and we hope to record it on our next CD. I had the joy of working with Bro. Chuck Harding again on co-producing “The Miracle of Revival”, our sixth documentary in the “America’s Forgotten History” series. It was incredible how the Lord orchestrated and ordained our every step in the production of this! We filmed the DVD in Oberlin, Ohio at the Finney Auditorium built in 1842 in the midst of the 2nd Great Awakening and in other historic locations. This incredible documentary on the Great Awakenings and the need for Revival in America today will light the fire, I believe, in the hearts of you, your family and your church! You can purchase a copy today from our online store HERE.

In April, we co-moderated/hosted the Our Time Youth Conference at our home church in Iowa, where hundreds of teens attended and many decisions were made for the Lord! I was humbled with how the Lord led me in the creation of some powerful short films about “Truth” – giving a clarion call to fundamentalism. (They are all available on our youtube channel TheGarraways for you to view or show to your church/youth groups.) One of the videos entitled “The Price of Truth” brings me to tears every time. I showed it in two other youth conferences and three church meetings a few weeks after its release, and it’s amazing how the Holy Ghost has been using it. Before the video was done, the altars were flooded, and people were getting right with God. It is so overwhelming! To God be the glory!!

We were also excited about the first-ever Our Time Northeast conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, MD in May! Joseph Brown and I flew out to preach at the conference. God did a mighty work there and blessed the meeting greatly!

Life, though busy, has been wonderful. The kids are ever growing and changing – so quickly, it’s hard to keep up sometimes! David is 5½, has lost his first two teeth (with his big boy teeth growing in already!), finished kindergarten, loves to read, and is continuing to excel at his piano lessons! He enjoys singing with Daddy and Mommy in churches, as well as by himself or with Jonathan. He is very artistic – always amazing us with his drawings or his Lego creations.

Jonathan is now 3½ and very much ready to be 4! He enjoys doing preschool with Mommy and learning his letter sounds and how to write them. He continues to be our puzzle lover, and can sit for very lengthy periods of time zoned in on whatever puzzle he’s working on. He and David memorized Psalm 1 and enjoy quoting it together in churches and singing. Johnny is part cuddle-bug and part goofball – with a fun, friendly, loving, silly personality!

Alyssa turns 2 years old on May 17th – she is a big girl and she knows it! She is very smart and independent – she loves to do “cool” (school) with her brothers and she joins in with pretty much anything they’re doing (whether it’s wrestling, building Legos or having a light saber battle). She even joined the boys on stage (holding her own microphone, of course) to sing a couple times! She loves to be read to, she loves to snuggle, and she loves to do girlie things like play with her baby dolls or get her hair done and wear pretty clothes and shoes. She’s quite the little character and adds so much happiness to our home!

Our first Christian fiction novel, “The Secret of the Lost Scrolls,” is flying off the shelves – young people everywhere are enjoying this exciting action-packed truth-filled book! Some teenagers have told us they couldn’t stop reading it and were done in just a couple days! We are so thrilled that they are enjoying the book and that the life-changing truths within it are impacting hearts and lives. To view a short commercial we made for the book, check out it HERE!

We have other new products available on our website and resource table. One is a pamphlet entitled “Why God Used D.L. Moody”. As a teenager, God profoundly used this powerful discourse by R. A. Torrey about Moody’s testimony to impact my life to go all-out for Christ and sincerely live for Him. In the beginning, I’ve added a number of unique stories and insights into Moody’s character, and in the concluding challenge, I discuss the great need for the fullness of the Spirit. Another pamphlet is “The Revival We Need” – an adaptive reprint from the writings of Oswald J. Smith in 1925, and it contains some of the most convicting truths concerning the vital and needed movement of God in our generation. Lastly, you’ll want to be sure to get ahold of our new three-album collectors set called “Old Tyme Gospel Hymns and Sacred Solos”, featuring singing by Ira Sankey, Gipsy Smith, Charles Alexander, Homer Rodeheaver, and others! When you close your eyes and listen to these digitally-remastered phonograph and brown wax cylinder recordings, you can almost sense the days of yesteryear come alive around you.

Please keep us in prayer daily! I believe in passionate, prevailing, intercessory prayer, and this is exactly what we need. As we set out for our busy summer travels in a couple days, we look forward to what God has in store and pray that He will continue to use our family to be a blessing to everyone we meet, point people to Christ, and stir the fires of Revival across this land! Thank you for your faithful support of our ministry. Every penny you have given has gone directly into the work of the Lord. May God bless you!

Your friend and servant,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway
John 3:30

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