Spring Report 2017

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Dear friends,

We are praising God for the wonderful Spring Tour we had from the end of December til mid-April! It was a busy time for our family, but we are thankful for the wonderful meetings and the blessings we experienced all along the way. Many souls were saved, churches were stirred to passionately serve Jesus, and dozens of young people surrendered their lives to the Lord. God is so good!

We spent 7½ weeks of our Spring Tour in California, with many evangelistic revivals meetings as well as God & Country revivals. We took 12 days to journey to the east coast, holding a few meetings in states along our route. We are thankful for how well the kids did in the van as we drove day after day! We spent a month or so with meetings in MD, NJ, VA, NC, and SC – one of those being Capitol Connection in Washington D.C., where we were privileged to sing, help with the music, and film throughout the meetings. (Check out our Capitol Connection trailer HERE and the recap video HERE.) I worked much of the early spring on the newest DVD in the “America’s Forgotten History” series that I have co-produced with Dr. Chuck Harding, entitled The Sacred Fire of the American Pulpit. It was featured at Capitol Connection, and widely received by the hundreds of pastors who attended. To God be the glory! If you would like to order a copy of this heart-stirring 55-minute long documentary about preachers and their influence in our nation’s founding, visit our online store HERE.

While in the south, we had the chance to work again with our dear friends at Majesty Music, filming 3 more music videos for them! What an honor to be able to work alongside our childhood heroes, Ron and Shelly Hamilton (Patch the Pirate) and their daughter Megan and her husband Adam on these. If you have not yet seen the first two music videos we did for them, check them out HERE on our website!

After getting home in April, we jumped into the saddle working on preparations for the 10th annual Our Time youth conference hosted by our church. I thoroughly enjoyed co-moderating the conference with our Pastor, and it was a blessing to see how God worked! Over 800 attended with many saved, and many lives surrendered to His will.

Our tract ministry, Silent Witness Literature, continues to grow, and we praise God for the 380,000+ tracts we have printed since we began this ministry in September of 2015! There are new tracts available this year, including a patriotic tract perfect for 4th of July or Veteran’s Day. If interested to order some for your church, please visit our website for more details. Click here!

Our kids continue to grow so quickly, and we continually thank God for how He has blessed us with such good travelers! All three children love traveling and meeting new people. David continues to sing and quote Scripture in churches and recently, Jonathan (now 2 ½) occasionally joins him! He knows the hand motions to the verses, and gets a few words in here or there. He loves singing and, like David, doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in his body when it comes to being up on stage! Alyssa turned one on May 17 and continues to be one of the sweetest, happiest, most content babies we’ve ever seen. She loves to eat, and has been known to out-eat her big brothers on more than one occasion!

During our month-long break at home this spring, we recorded a new CD and have been working on the editing and mixing of it with the hopes of getting it out this summer. We are so excited! We believe that it will be our most professional album yet. Please pray for wisdom as we work on this project!

We are thankful for God’s amazing work these past few months on the Revival Trail as we ministered from sea to shining sea. Please pray for us as we head out the end of May for our summer travels through August. We love you!

Your friend and servant,

John 3:30

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