Spring Update 2023

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters:

What a whirlwind of a year so far! (Where has the time gone?) We sincerely apologize for our delay in getting to you our circuit newsletter. It has been a thrill of a ride with only one week free since the first week of January! As we have mentioned before, we strongly urge you to consider signing up for our prayer text updates. Please text TheRemnant to 84576, and your number will automatically be added. This is the best and easiest way for you to remain aware of where we are, and to stay informed of the mighty work God is so marvelously performing. We would be grateful for your partnership as a prayer warrior as we together seek the outpouring of Heaven in our revival meetings!

This Spring we held meetings in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, and Oregon. Where do we start and where do we stop in sharing with you what the Lord has done? Each week was blessed somehow in a special way. It is beautiful to witness the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of God’s people – we do not take it for granted! Many Christians this spring have surrendered or re-surrendered their lives to the Lord. In some meetings, a vast majority of the church would come forward to make these decisions! For instance, in one service alone over a dozen trusted Christ! More than 2 dozen received assurance of salvation. 40+ surrendered their lives to Christ with 4 young men and 7 ladies called to ministry! We know it is nothing we are doing that is bringing this about. It is God’s mighty working through the power of His Word and the faithful prayers of you, our friends and supporters!

In May, our feature film, REDEEMING HOPE, was released! After 5 years of investing time, energy, and finances, we are overjoyed to finally see this movie become a reality! God’s hand has been so evident, especially in all of the little things, from the beginning up to the film’s release. The truth is, “Redeeming Hope” has been directed by the Lord every single step of the way. People have asked many times, “What led you to make this movie? Why spend so much time working on one project?” Folks, we are talking about thousands of hours – quite the laborious task! My constant response has always been, “We’re making this film because the Lord told us to do it! Katie and I are just obeying His clear leading. (And we joyously have done so!) I don’t know what God has in store through it, but He can do with it whatever He desires. It’s His film.” God told us to make it and only He knows the extent and reach it will have in bringing souls into His Kingdom! We had the wonderful opportunity to have a premiere of the film at Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, Maryland the week before it officially released, with many hundreds of people attending that, and the first precious souls being saved! Since that night, there have been 531 professions of faith around the world! We truly believe many more that we will never meet or hear from until Heaven are being saved through this film as well! We are thrilled to hear of churches and missionaries all around the world (in English-speaking countries) showing Redeeming Hope in special services, with folks being saved there too.

Through the outreach of THE GOSPEL FILM since January, over 43 million have been touched with the Gospel in 35+ countries. 4,998 precious souls that we know of have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ! We cannot claim the verse enough – “This is the LORD’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

Please pray for us that God would continue to use us for His glory and the furtherance of the Gospel. Please pray for the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon our lives and for His sacred fire to fill us and burn through us! We do not want to sit idle on the sidelines. Only one life, ‘twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last. Yes, we are enjoying the journey together as a family, but our sleeves are rolled up desiring to serve our King and seek lost souls on the frontlines!

Our children continue to grow, learn, and serve as we travel. David has started preaching short messages to our family as he learns to study God’s Word and develop his sermon writing and preaching skills in front of a very forgiving audience. 🙂 Jonathan continues to use his singing talents for the Lord in our meetings and Alyssa is enjoying her piano and violin lessons, looking forward to using those instruments more and more in our meetings as she gets older. Just in May, Katie and the 3 oldest children played their first instrumental special (with David on piano, Katie and Alyssa on violins and Jonathan on ukulele). They look forward to developing their musical abilities more through the years and getting more opportunities to play for the Lord! Julianna sings with us sometimes and continues to melt folks with her happy, cheerful, loving, friendly spirit. There is great joy in serving Jesus! Thank you for your friendship over the years, your sacrifice of financial support, and your fervent prayers. We love you and thank God for you!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway

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