Spring Update 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters:

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable” (Psalm 145:3). It has been truly amazing to behold all that God has done these past few months! We left home the second week of January for our spring circuit which brought us to Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, Arkansas, Ohio, and Kentucky. During the many youth rallies, church services, revival meetings, and Christian school chapels, we’ve been excited to see scores of souls saved and many more who have surrendered their lives to the Lord! In every church the Lord allowed us to minister in, God accomplished some spiritual work of stirring and strengthening the brethren. We returned safely back home for a 3-week break on April 4th. We are thankful for a little rest before our busy summer travels begin!

This spring, “The Gospel Film” crossed a milestone of reaching 50+ million for Christ since its release on June 3, 2020. Almost every day, someone is getting saved somewhere around the world through this video. By mid-February, the Lord opened a door for us to be able to get “The Gospel Film” translated and overdubbed into both Russian and Ukrainian. At the beginning of the campaign in Ukraine as things were escalating in the country, most comments we received on the film were vulgar and blasphemous. But as the war broke out, God was at work, seeking to push against the spiritual darkness! Soon, multiple comments like “Thank you”, “These words touch my very heart”, “God, please have mercy on us sinners”, “Lord, forgive me of my sins”, and “Amen” flooded in. Within a month, the film had reached right around 30% of the nation’s entire population! And just this past week, we received word that “The Gospel Film” will be airing multiple times on Ukraine’s national TV…for free! Only God!

This month (April) our children are finishing up school – 4thgrade, 2nd grade and K5. We are so proud of their dedication to working hard scholastically and musically this year! All the children have progressed in their piano playing (Alyssa is taking violin as well and really enjoys that!). David (age 9) even played his first piano offertory this spring in a church in CA – a duet with Mom! To say we were beaming proud parents is an understatement! We thank God that our children not only enjoy music and work hard to improve in their instruments and singing, but also love to use their music for the Lord as we travel. They oftentimes sing in our revival services, and we are so grateful for their tender spirit toward the things of God. Please continue to faithfully pray for us as we seek to be godly parents to our precious children.

April 11-12 found Katie and me in Indianapolis, recording with the symphony orchestra once again for our next family album! This CD will run over an hour long and feature 15 songs, a majority of which are original songs by my wife! Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we record/mix/master this project during our breaks at home this year – we hope to release it, Lord-willing, in January of 2023!

This is all just a scratch on the surface of what God has been doing. We give Him all the glory! There are several things in the works right now; please be in much prayer for the anointing power of the Holy Spirit upon all the Lord would have us to be involved with. We are indebted to your intercession on our behalf as we seek to faithfully serve Him, one day at a time. We love you, and we are humbled and honored to partner with you in the service of the King!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway


  1. Bro. Caleb ,
    Just wanted you to know you are prayed for every day from Upstate NY ! We are so happy to see the Ways God is using you and your beautiful family . May He continue to bless as you so faithfully serve Him!

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