Spring Update 2021

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our family and ministry! We know you are praying because we are seeing God work in mighty ways; it is truly a humbling and exciting thing. This Spring Circuit, we were on the road for 94 days. Our meetings took us to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Arkansas. (We definitely enjoyed the warmer weather as we went south from frigid Iowa in January!) We spent six weeks in Florida, enjoying wonderful meetings throughout the state as well as special time with Katie’s parents as we based out of their home in Venice for most of that time. Katie and I were able to take a trip for a few days, in celebration of our 10th anniversary which had been last March (right when Covid hit and everything shut down). What a peaceful, relaxing, wonderful time we enjoyed together, taking in sunsets on a private quiet beach, riding around in our golf cart, collecting unique shells, and exploring the coastline of a small island! (Meanwhile, the kids had a blast staying with PopPop and Grandma back in Venice!)

We are very thankful that our newest album, God Can, released in January, has been very well-received! We pray that each song will bless and encourage a multitude of people around this nation as they are reminded of God’s love, power, and ability to do the impossible! We have definitely experienced this power time after time in our lives and ministry, so having this theme throughout our newest CD means a lot to us!

We are so very thankful to see God’s hand evident in reaching the lost this year. Our tract ministry, Silent Witness Literature, has already printed 339,500 Gospel tracts so far! Also, The Gospel Film is continuing to spread across social media, reaching the hearts of many across the world. Since January, the film has come across the feed of 1,411,213 people with 392,237 individuals choosing to click on the link and view it! Only Heaven will tell how many have come to Christ because of this video – to God be the glory!!! This Spring we started a non-profit organization The Gospel Film Project so churches can take this ministry on for monthly support to help us boost the film to the uttermost parts of the world. For $100 a month, a church could be responsible for directly reaching at least 1.1 million people with the Gospel through us. Would you consider partnering with The Gospel Film Project? Call me or email me for more information. I would be happy to pass it along! “Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account”(Philippians 4:17).

Our children continue to grow and change so quickly before our eyes! Our boys, David and Jonathan, just finished school for the year and are looking forward to beginning 4th and 2nd grade after their summer break. Alyssa will be 5 in May and is greatly anticipating starting Kindergarten soon after! She started piano lessons with Mom in January and loves to practice. All 3 older children enjoy singing for the Lord in our meetings – it is truly a joy to be able to serve God TOGETHER, as a family! Julianna is 19 months old now and does an amazing job traveling and keeping up with our busy life. She is a friendly, sweet girl and knows how to turn on the charm and melt the hearts of everyone she meets. 🙂

We thank God for His blessings, the safety He’s given us in the many miles of driving so far this year, and most of all, for the wonderful work He has done in each church and each heart in every meeting. In every service, we have seen God work and speak to hearts. Many have been saved, lives have been surrendered, young men called to preach, and churches have been genuinely stirred for revival. Please continue to pray for God’s power upon our lives as we seek to faithfully serve Him one day at a time. National revival and global evangelism is possible! We long to see God do a mighty work in our generation!

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,


I Samuel 14:6

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