Dr. Randy Taylor

“When I see someone such as Evangelist Caleb Garraway, my heart is encouraged for the next generation. I have heard him preach with great delight. Every time I get blessed and I am challenged. His life is full of wisdom and compassion. His ministry is full of depth, sincerity, vision and a cause. Caleb Garraway embodies loyalty, zeal, fervor, character and virtue into one admirable package. He is not a novice, but he is well-versed in his study and knowledge of the King James Bible. He is a statesman and a pulpiteer with his delivery and sermon. Bro. Garraway is well balanced in soul winning, separation and dedication for the cause of Christ. Bro. Garraway’s wife, Katie, is a talented piano player and she and Bro. Garraway sing together and provide heartwarming special music. I wholeheartedly recommend this evangelist to your church for revivals and conferences. I believe in Evangelist Caleb Garraway and pray that you will use him as often as you can.” – Evangelist Randy Taylor, Mt. Salem Revival Grounds, West Union, WV

Dr. Chuck Harding

“I have known Caleb Garraway for over ten years. He is without question one of the most spiritual and professional persons I have ever worked with. Caleb has that unique balance between character and talent that gives him a tremendous edge in the ministry of our Savior. Caleb possesses a comprehensive knowledge of God’s word. His messages are doctrinally correct and historically accurate, which speaks to the heart and gives clear direction to the lost for salvation, to the Christian for spiritual growth, and to the American citizen for patriotism. Caleb and Katie are a blessing to be around. Their tremendous musical ability is only surpassed by their love for God and an enthusiasm for His call upon their lives. This young couple have a maturity level and singleness of purpose that goes well beyond their years. I can highly recommend Caleb and Katie Garraway. They will be a great blessing and asset to any Pastor and Church who would have them come for a meeting.” – Dr. Chuck Harding, Awake America Ministries, Washington, D.C.

Abdel Judah, Youth Pastor

“God knit our hearts together at an altar during an invitation at a summer teen camp while we prayed for the next generation. Bro. Garraway has a unique burden to reach the next generation, and God has uniquely gifted him to do so. A passionate preacher, a student of history, musical ability, and an array of other gifts accompany Bro. Garraway in the pulpit. What I can recommend most highly is the evidence of God’s hand on his preaching and the humble servants’ spirit that are displayed every time I hear him preach. Our youth group loves him, our church love him and you will too!” – Abdel Judeh, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN

Pastor Tim Rabon

“I am glad to recommend to you the ministry of Evangelist Caleb Garraway and his family. We have been privileged to have Caleb, Katie, and their children in our services and home. We have found them to be delightful Christians with a wholehearted devotion to the Lord and a sincere desire to be used of Him in seeing the sinner saved, the saint strengthened, and our nation salvaged. The Lord has called and equipped Brother Caleb to preach His Word and gifted him and Katie to communicate His message through music. We will definitely have them back in our services, and I would encourage you to do the same. ” – Pastor Tim Rabon, Beacon Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Pastor William Tyson

“In every generation, the trust of the gospel is passed and with that passing a solemn responsibility to carry the torch of faith is given to an upcoming generation. Some take the responsibility apathetically while others grab that torch with urgency and tenacity. One such young couple is Caleb & Katie Garraway. While many are wasting their lives in riotous living, the Garraway’s are standing in the gap to reach this generation for Christ. I have had the privilege of spending time with this couple as they serve the Lord together. It is an honor to recommend to you a young man who has stormed the gates of hell with fervent prayer and passionate preaching. They will be a help to your ministry in so many ways. They bring a servants spirit, sound biblical music, and a soul winning fervor. I encourage you to stand with this couple as they travel this nation proclaiming the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Pastor William Tyson, Woodlawn Baptist Church, Bowie, MD

Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr.

“Spend some time with Bro. Garraway, and you will quickly find that he is a ‘man on fire’ for the work of the Lord. Caleb is not afraid to accomplish big things for God.” – Pastor Randy Taylor, Crossroads Baptist Church, Gainesville, TX

Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

“It is not often that you meet such a dedicated and studious young man in the ministry as Caleb Garraway. His gift and calling in the service of the Lord is evidenced in his life, ministry, and the writing on such needful topics for our times. His knowledge and abilities in the service of the Lord is far beyond his years. What and encouragement to see younger men coming on that can well fill the shoes of us that have passed over the hill top of our time here. I believe that every pastor, youth director, and parent see that their young men have a copy of his book ‘Her Knight in Shining Armor’ and insist that they read it. It also might be of great benefit for the youth workers to read it and let it give them the aid in working with the young men under their guidance. I pray that God will keep his hand of guidance and blessing upon Bro. Caleb and will use him greatly to affect a generation of young men for Christ.” – Dr. Charles Hiltibidal, Walk Through Time Ministries

Pastor Vincent Sawyer (Katie’s father)

“Solomon said ‘A wise son maketh a glad father…’ (Proverbs 15:20). I believe this truth applies to my son-in-law, Evangelist Caleb Garraway. I praise God for leading Caleb and my daughter Katie together in marriage and in ministry. God’s grace is very apparent on the lives of these two young people, who in the sovereign plan of God were perfectly matched to combine talents and burdens to serve Jesus Christ together. Their compatible strengths, heart for ministry, exceptional musical ability, concern for souls, and love for God’s people truly make them an exceptional team. I do not exaggerate just because they are my family. You will find Caleb to be a true evangelist. He doesn’t merely stir up the saints for evangelism, he practices it in every church he works with. He is very bold and fruitful in reaching out into the community in soul-winning. God has blessed Caleb with a sharp mind, a clear voice, a burdened heart, and an effective ability to communicate God’s truth both from the pulpit and in the community. Caleb and Katie are effective in ministering to all ages–from young children to teens to adults to the elderly. Their walk with Jesus Christ will impact your church forever as they minister in Word and song. It is with full confidence that I recommend this couple to you for meetings. Because of the unique ministry they bring to churches with soul-winning, children & youth ministry, revival conferences and sacred music, they are also worthy candidates for financial support. May God use them mightily in your church and ministry.” – Pastor Vincent Sawyer, Victory Baptist Church, Port Charlotte, FL

Evangelist Warren Garraway (Caleb’s Father)

“Caleb was an easy child to raise. By that I don’t mean he was perfect, but that he received correction easily. He always had a tender heart for the Lord. As an eight-year-old boy he asked if he could visit the bus route with me all day Saturday. He would rather do that than play baseball, so at the age of eight I had him do a bus program for the other children on the bus, and I took care of the rest. He become comfortable and proficient at handing out tracts and leading folks to the Lord. We had a lot of fun together. He was called to preach at the age of 11, and by 13 he would approach a group of thugs on the streets of Syracuse, NY and boldly profess Christ. As Caleb grew he kept that ‘FIRE’ and would sing and preach whenever required. Caleb faithfully continued to serve in the bus ministry and to go soul winning through out his teenage years. In College he did the same. Caleb was home-schooled and always did his work. He was a disciplined student and never tried to skimp on his studies. He never gave his Mother a hard time nor did he murmur or complain. He would have his devotions done before school started. Caleb kept this same work ethic all the way through College.” – Evangelist Warren Garraway, Reseeding America Ministries, Oklahoma City, OK