Thriving as a Busy Mom


In the hustle and bustle of life, many things demand our attention: our homes, our husbands, our children, our ministries, our jobs — the list could go on and on. Sometimes, busy wives and mothers feel as though they are hanging on by a thread, barely keeping their heads above water, just trying to survive until things calm down or life slows down enough to catch their breath. One of the things that suffers most is their walk with God. If our relationship with our Heavenly Father is not right, all our other relationships will suffer. God doesn’t want us to merely survive from day to day. He wants us to thrive!

From the heart of a busy mom in the trenches like you are, Katie Garraway shares practical advice for how to work through the distractions in life and prioritize your walk with the Lord. By developing and strengthening your relationship with God, you won’t have to live in survival mode anymore, but will now be able to truly thrive as the wife, mother and servant of Christ you were created to be! (34 pages)