The Legend of the Immortal Kingdom


FEATURING THE SECOND FICTION NOVEL by the Garraways in the series “The Truth Seekers”!

Drew and Kaci are off on another adventure, but not one of their own choosing. Enslaved by his greed and thirst for wealth and fabled immortality, Adrian Fitzgerald has coerced his old Cambridge chum, Professor James Alexander, to join him on an epic journey through the heart of the Amazon in attempts to discover the hidden city of the ancients: Paititi. Their quest reveals to Drew and Kaci that life is short and what truly matters is not earthly wealth or fame, but living for Jesus Christ and building God’s truly immortal kingdom. 432 pages.


  • “From page one, I was spell bound and riveted to this book! Woven through it are life lessons to learn, and it is invigorating to see how each situation they face is met with prayer.  It convicted me to be wholly dedicated in serving the Living, Almighty God.”
  • “My family and I love this sequel! When we began reading it together, I wondered if it could be as good as The Secret of the Lost Scrolls. The Legend of the Immortal Kingdom is BETTER than the first novel. This book has challenged me to examine my service to my King.”
  • “This book is one of your best creations! I love how REAL it feels when I read it. The questions on the back of the book were very convicting/challenging! You guys did an amazing job!”
  • “I thought this was the best book EVER!! It is so interesting and suspenseful.”
  • “The Legend Of The Immortal Kingdom is the perfect balance of action, adventure, and Christian truths. The testimonies found within are truly touching, and they really make you think about God’s will for your life, regardless of what He wants you to do. It truly encouraged me to stay true to God’s call, no matter what, and to always try to reach people with the Gospel.”
  • “I wanted to tell you what a blessing this book was. I literally could not put it down once I started reading it! I really can not begin to express the impact it had on me. Thank you!”
  • “By reading your book, my daughter heard the call of God to serve Him as missionary!”