Second Chance


With more than 80% of young people giving into peer pressure, it’s not always easy for Christian teenagers to live for God and stand for what’s right. All too often they find themselves caught up in secret sin, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and living in outright rebellion toward authority. Such is the case for Jeremy (Wyatt Cope). With his relationship with his parents at the breaking point, he ignores their loving pleas to get right with God and delves even deeper into the evil life of “freedom” he’s always wanted, until a horrific tragedy changes everything. It’s his final wake-up call. One last time, God reaches out to give Jeremy a second chance, before it’s too late. Directed by Caleb Garraway and Joseph Brown. Screenplay by Katie Garraway.

*Second Chance has been awarded a 3-star rating and is recommended family entertainment by the Dove Foundation. RUNNING TIME: 55 minutes