Reflections of the Sawdust Trail


Evangelist Billy Sunday was one of the most dynamic voices for God in America during the 20th century. For over 40 years, the Lord used him to rekindle the fires of revival, preaching to over 100 million people and seeing over one million trust Christ as their personal Saviour. As the lost came forward to trust in Christ and the saved came forward to get right with God, it became known as “hitting the sawdust trail.”

For twenty years he crisscrossed this country with his close friend and song leader Homer Rodeheaver. Together they conducted successful evangelistic crusades in every major city. God used Sunday’s preaching and Rodeheaver’s singing to clean up wicked cities and restore righteousness. They witnessed a mighty revival sweep over the nation!

This album contains the only audio known to exist of Rodeheaver sharing his personal experiences with Billy Sunday. Recorded over 75 years ago, he warmly reflects on the life and labor of one of America’s greatest evangelists. May the Lord use this testimony to stir your heart for personal and national revival!

Running Time: 60 minutes