Our Time to Stand


Throughout the centuries of time, God has always needed a remnant to stand in their generation. And now more than ever – in a day of compromise, wickedness, heartache, political upheaval, apathy, greed, selfishness, fear, and suffering – God is looking for men, women, and children who will uncompromisingly stay the course and stand for what is right.

Our Time to Stand is a cooperative effort by a young generation of Bible-believing preachers to stir the ranks, encourage believers, and challenge God’s people to answer the call of Ezekiel 22:30.

To answer this call will take courage, commitment, and concentration. This unique book was compiled by Remnant Ministries to strengthen God’s people to “keep on keeping on” in this manner.

Written by Joseph Brown, Sam Epley, Caleb Garraway, Abdel Judeh, and Abe Keohn. 64 PAGES.

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