Our Blessed Book


God’s Word is the most precious possession we have. It is timeless truth that should be treasured. Thankfully, we have a perfect Bible in the English language — the King James Version. Our Blessed Book is an in-depth study of the divine inspiration, providential preservation, and the careful translation of the Bible. It is not dedicated to criticism but devoted to helping you discover the infallibility of God’s Word. Unfortunately, only 41% of American adults strongly believe that the Bible is totally accurate in all that it teaches, and many of the Millennial generation have been deceived into accepting the English Standard Version and New King James Version as the inerrant Scripture.

Whether you are a seeker of truth or a scoffer of it, join with Caleb Garraway in this insightful book as he studies how God inspired the Bible word for word and preserved it through the generations of time. Read how he discredits the Book of Mormon, the Qur’an, and the Apocrypha, examines various evidences that prove divine inspiration, and shows the historical and textual origins of the King James Version compared to the rest of the modern English translations. Our Blessed Book is a “bottom shelf read” as Caleb expertly and delicately presents to his readers the authentic legitimacy of Scripture and the undeniable proofs that the King James Version is the Word of God for English-speaking people. 250 PAGES.