Old-Tyme Gospel Hymns and Sacred Solos: Volume 1


Dwight Lyman Moody was one of the greatest preachers of all time. He conducted successful evangelistic crusades in every major city across America and the British Isles. In the latter half of the nineteenth century, God used him to influence multitudes to be saved, churches to be revived, and the greatest world missions’ movement ever to be commenced.

But, he shared his travels with another gifted man – gospel singer and hymn composer, Ira D. Sankey. From childhood, Sankey was known for his joyous, good-natured spirit and trustful disposition. He was a talented musician, having a rich, full baritone voice. In their evangelistic meetings, he led the music, conducted large choirs, sang solos, and even wrote special hymns to coordinate with sermons Moody would preach. He was also a tremendous soul winner and often worked side-by-side with Moody during the invitations. These two men were a great team filled with the power of God, and the Lord used them together for over 25 years. One ministered by sermon, and the other by song. It was Sankey’s continual prayer that the Holy Spirit would use the words that he sang to lead to the conversion of those who flocked to the services.

Sankey penned over 1,000 hymns; some of his more well-known songs being “A Shelter in a Time of Storm,” “Trusting Jesus,” “The Ninety and Nine”, and “Faith Is the Victory.” He was considered by his peers (Fanny Crosby, P. P. Bliss, and others) to be the man God used to lead the Gospel Music movement that brought us our beloved hymns that we cherish today.

The following songs were recorded between 1899 and 1900. They were taken directly from brown wax cylinder recordings and have been digitally remastered. Sit back and enjoy this experience as you listen to wondrous music from a legend of hymn history. (Running time: 41 minutes)