Not I, But Christ


A battle rages within each of us every day. It’s the clash between pride (our sense of stubborn self-sufficiency) and humility (God’s call to recognize that we’re really nothing without Him). Pride and humility cannot coexist. Where one is nurtured, the other is defeated. Victory is attainable!

Caleb Garraway is a sinner saved by grace who has a fleshly problem with pride just like everybody else. But he has a geniune desire to pursue Biblical humility and enjoy the fulness of John 3:30 becoming a reality in his life. Not I, But Christ was borne out of much inward searching, Holy Spirit conviction, and Bible study. Caleb does not write as an “authority” on pride or humility. He does not write as a preacher to a layman. He writes as a fellow Christian who wants to walk with you on the path set for us by our humble Saviour.

Please join with him on this journey and explore the Biblical richness and directness of what God has to say about pride, humility, and the great importance of “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). By the end of this book, may you also decide to declare: Not I, But Christ! 190 PAGES.