More About Jesus


How much do you know about Jesus? Do you dwell in His presence and long to understand His ways and character? Is He your best Friend? He wants to be! May the songs compiled in this recording set your minds and hearts on our Savior — Who He is, the sacrifice He made for us, how much He truly loves us, and how deeply He cares for us, His children. May you respond to the knowledge of Jesus with open arms and a willing heart, ready to serve Him more passionately and love Him more fully.

These songs were recorded before we were married, during the year we were courting in 2009. We did the best we could with the knowledge and resources we had back then, and these CDs became very special to many people. However, through the years, as our resources grew, and our quality improved, we decided to discontinue these older recordings. Now, by popular demand, we compiled 12 of our favorites from those first two albums. We pray they will be a blessing to your hearts once again!

RUNNING TIME: 44 minutes