Kept for the Master’s Use




Kept for the Master’s Use by Frances Havergal is one of the best kept secrets of fundamentalism and serves as the spiritual “manifesto” that explains the heart behind every phrase she wrote in her beloved hymn “Take My Life & Let It Be”.  

For years, this book served as required reading for every student at “the Bible Institute for Home and Foreign Missions” (better known as the Moody Bible Institute) and was mightily used of God to help transform the lives of countless young people in the 19th century into a mighty generation of passionate laborers for Jesus Christ. After being lost in the annuls of time, this precious volume was rediscovered by Katie Garraway in an old book collection during their revival travels. It is available again in its original state with all of Havergal’s spunk and spirit. In addition to an introduction and conclusion, Mrs. Garraway includes poignant overviews after each chapter with a series of thought-provoking questions and challenges for the reader.

As you enjoy this printed work from yesteryear, you will notice that each chapter is saturated with Scripture. From this wellspring of truth, Kept For the Master’s Use will bring to light many applications much needed in 21st century Christianity for consecration and Biblical holiness. The familiar lines of Havergal’s sacred hymn — “Take My Life and Let It Be” — will certainly now hold a richer and fuller meaning as you make personal commitments for the Lord’s glory and the furtherance of the Gospel!