Happy All the Time


“HAPPY ALL THE TIME” is a childrens’ sing-a-long CD, with Evangelist Caleb Garraway. It is designed to encourage young people in singing joy-filled praises to the Lord.

“HAPPY ALL THE TIME” is a product of KIDSCONNECT, a childrens’ outreach of Remnant Ministries with Caleb & Katie Garraway. Caleb has always been burdened with reaching young people. He enjoys conducting a number of Vacation Bible Schools during the summer. However, he created this album to teach boys and girls the songs that he sings with them, and to be able to give this CD away to many under-privileged children who do not have good, godly music to listen to.

Enclosed in this special edition are two discs. One features Caleb with full instrumental accompaniment, and the other contains only the soundtracks for each song, in case you would like to sing the songs with your kids or use it to sing with in your Sunday School class. Whether you play it when they are getting ready for bed, going to school, coming into Sunday School class, or having fun around the house, this CD will bring enjoyment both to you and your children!