God Can


“God Can” is the Garraway’s newest album recorded with symphony orchestra! Each song has been prayerfully selected and carefully recorded for the Lord’s glory. With a beautiful blend of instrumentation and vocals, we pray that this album will strengthen your faith to rest in Him alone. There is nothing we can do to persuade a heart to change, make a person trust in Christ, heal a disease, or bring revival to a community. But GOD CAN! “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27). May the Lord use these songs to ignite your heart to nobly live for Christ in total surrender to His will, constrained by His matchless love.

SONGS INCLUDE: Blessed Trinity * Constrained by Christ * I Need a Saviour * Here Is Love * I Am So Blessed * The Plans I Have for You * God Answers Prayer * Is Anything Too Hard for God? * God Can and He Will * Save Our Land * I Want to Live My Life For You * The Value of One * Give Me A Vision * Campmeeting Fantasia

RUNNING TIME: 56 minutes


  1. 1 Blessed Trinity the Garraway family 0:54
  2. 2 Constrained by Christ the Garraway family 0:49
  3. 3 I Need A Saviour the Garraway family 0:40
  4. 4 Here Is Love the Garraway family 0:45
  5. 5 I Am So Blessed the Garraway family 0:44
  6. 6 The Plans I Have for You the Garraway family 0:52
  7. 7 God Answers Prayer the Garraway family 0:53
  8. 8 Is Anything Too Hard for God? the Garraway family 0:45
  9. 9 God Can and He Will the Garraway family 0:45
  10. 10 Save Our Land the Garraway family 0:43
  11. 11 I Want to Live My Life for You the Garraway family 0:40
  12. 12 The Value of One the Garraway family 0:42
  13. 13 Give Me A Vision the Garraway family 0:43
  14. 14 Campmeeting Fantasia the Garraway family 0:43

2 reviews for God Can

  1. 0 out of 5

    We had the Garraways for our 2020 God and Country Fall Revival. The music and Caleb’s Spirit filled preaching stirred our hearts to further surrender, service, and supplication for our Community and Country. The samples that I have heard from this CD are another example of their Christ honoring great Godly music. I highly recommend this family and their ministry.
    Pastor Scott Sinz
    Mountain Valley Baptist Church
    Challis, ID

  2. 5 out of 5

    I especially love the songs that the kids sang, so original, inspiring, and sweet to my soul, what a blessing! Great job!!!

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