God Can


“God Can” is the Garraway’s newest album recorded with symphony orchestra! Each song has been prayerfully selected and carefully recorded for the Lord’s glory. With a beautiful blend of instrumentation and vocals, we pray that this album will strengthen your faith to rest in Him alone. There is nothing we can do to persuade a heart to change, make a person trust in Christ, heal a disease, or bring revival to a community. But GOD CAN! “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10:27). May the Lord use these songs to ignite your heart to nobly live for Christ in total surrender to His will, constrained by His matchless love.

SONGS INCLUDE: Blessed Trinity * Constrained by Christ * I Need a Saviour * Here Is Love * I Am So Blessed * The Plans I Have for You * God Answers Prayer * Is Anything Too Hard for God? * God Can and He Will * Save Our Land * I Want to Live My Life For You * The Value of One * Give Me A Vision * Campmeeting Fantasia

RUNNING TIME: 56 minutes


  1. 1 Blessed Trinity the Garraway family 0:54
  2. 2 Constrained by Christ the Garraway family 0:49
  3. 3 I Need A Saviour the Garraway family 0:40
  4. 4 Here Is Love the Garraway family 0:45
  5. 5 I Am So Blessed the Garraway family 0:44
  6. 6 The Plans I Have for You the Garraway family 0:52
  7. 7 God Answers Prayer the Garraway family 0:53
  8. 8 Is Anything Too Hard for God? the Garraway family 0:45
  9. 9 God Can and He Will the Garraway family 0:45
  10. 10 Save Our Land the Garraway family 0:43
  11. 11 I Want to Live My Life for You the Garraway family 0:40
  12. 12 The Value of One the Garraway family 0:42
  13. 13 Give Me A Vision the Garraway family 0:43
  14. 14 Campmeeting Fantasia the Garraway family 0:43