Five Minutes to Live


This soul-stirring DVD features some of the RAREST footage of fundamentalists from yesteryear! Every video contains powerful digitally remastered archival footage.

1. FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE — filmed 1943 & 2020 (A riveting and sobering reflection about what matters most in life. Five preachers share from their hearts the things they would tell the world if they knew they only had five minutes left to live. Featuring Oswald J. Smith, W. B. Riley, Walter L. Wilson, and Harry A. Ironside; hosted by Evangelist Caleb Garraway; special guest appearance by Ronald Reagan.)

2. THE LIFE & LEGACY OF BILLY SUNDAY — filmed 1920-1933; 1964; edited 2014 (This film contains the only motion pictures of Billy Sunday known to exist and is one of the most popular Billy Sunday films on the internet. Featuring special testimonies by Homer Rodeheaver; hosted by Evangelist Caleb Garraway.)

3. PASSION FOR SOULS — filmed 1953 (A compelling illustrated sermon by Oswald J. Smith about winning souls and world missions.)

4. HE IS NO FOOL — edited 2019 (Featuring excerpts of Jim Elliot’s diary; narrated by Evangelist Caleb Garraway.)

5. THE DYING THIEF — filmed 1946 (An engaging salvation sermon by John R. Rice, the founder of “Sword of the Lord.”)

6. I AM THE WAY — filmed 1948 (A powerful illustrated sermon by Bill Rice, Sr., about Jesus being the only way to Heaven.)

7. SONGS OF FANNY CROSBY — filmed 1947 (A fascinating short film revealing the powerful influence Fanny Crosby’s hymns have made. Featuring George Beverly Shea as the main actor.)