Echoes of Yesteryear Volume 2


Started by D.L. Moody, the Northfield Conference was an intensive, month-long spiritual time centered around Bible preaching and prayer with an emphasis on the topics of holiness, revival, a Christ-centered life, the power of God, and personal soulwinning.
What would’ve it been like to sit there in those services and hear the anointed preachers of yesteryear? …Men like Moody himself, R. A. Torrey, Andrew Murray, C. T. Studd, F. B. Meyer, and G. Campbell Morgan among others. Thankfully, stenographers painstakingly recorded in shorthand every single word uttered by the preachers from behind the pulpit from the years 1894-1903.
After being able to collect these rare books and spending years pouring over each message, I have prayerfully selected several messages that spoke to my heart and re-published them within this series Echoes of Yesteryear. I’m very excited for you to get into these books. You are literally about to read sermons verbatim as they were delivered “in the very moment” by wonderful men of God that the Lord used in a mighty way. A vast majority of these messages have never been reprinted before in history until now.
By the end of this trilogy (covering the years 1894-1899), I pray that you will have drawn closer to the Lord and been spiritually changed as an individual with more of a focus and fervency to be faithful in His Word and work.
Volume Two is 156 pages.