Drink From This Water


Drink From This Water is a riveting account of the journey John Hays and Caleb Garraway took into a country divided by civil war and filled with bloodshed. In January 2014, they went to South Sudan for ten days with twenty-two Khlor Gen systems and witnessed God move in a spectacular and supernatural way.

Though John and Caleb were privileged to give dozens of villages water purification systems that produces clean physical water for the next 60 years, their ultimate desire was that many would “drink” of the pure Living Water from Christ. Over 1,200 spiritually thirsty souls accepted God’s free gift of salvation!

You will laugh with John & Caleb, cry with them, rejoice with them, and be amazed at what the Lord did around them. Drink From This Water will be an eye-opener for all Americans. So many of us take what we have for granted! This booklet will also burden your heart to assist “Pure Water” Foundation and Remnant Ministries to do more in reaching these needy people. 90+ PAGES.