Christmas Deliverance


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The year is 1939. As the Jews are persecuted throughout Europe, one family attempts to escape from the Nazi regime. Will they find refuge from those who hunt them? More importantly, will they find redemption for their searching hearts? The story of God’s love is shared with them – beginning with prophets who foretell of the coming Christ, continuing to His birth, and finishing with His death and resurrection. In this cinematic version of The Live Animal Christmas Play, your heart will be touched with love, suspense, humor, and intrigue. Enjoy live animals, dazzling costumes and sets, and beautiful heart-warming songs of the season as you take this journey along with Jacob, Ruth and their children and discover the ultimate source of deliverance: Jesus Christ.

Caleb and Katie Garraway assisted with the writing and directing of many of the scenes; they also play the roles of Mary and Joseph. Professionally filmed and edited by Canaan Media. Approximate Running Time: 105 minutes

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