America’s Forgotten History: Our Nation’s Capital


It is imperative that we study our history to correctly understand what type of people we ought to be. History serves as a reminder of past achievements or mistakes that individuals and nations have made.

The United States has established memorials in our nation’s capital city to help define points of our history and to aid us in remembering our past. Most Americans have forgotten entirely why they are there and why they were originally erected. They have been built not just to commemorate people and events, to bring admiration because of their architectural beauty, or to draw tourists from around the world. They have been established to portray, in some manner, God’s divine providence and protection in the birth and preservation our nation.

With this in mind, America’s Forgotten History: Our Nation’s Capital is an exciting virtual tour with Dr. Chuck Harding and Evangelist Caleb Garraway through our rich Judeo-Christian heritage that is illustrated so effectively within Washington, D.C. RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes.