America’s Forgotten History: Our Biblical Constitution


Liberals and revisionist historians are trying to hide how the preaching of God’s Word during the War for Independence was the key element that created the spirit of independence. Men like Isaac Backus, Jonathan Mayhew, John Leland, and many others would strongly stand behind their pulpits and boldly preach the Word of God kindling the revival fires of freedom and liberty.

America’s Forgotten History: Our Biblical Constitution takes you back in time to 1783 and gives you the first hand experience of how God and the BIble were directly involved with the forming of our Constitution and the forming of our country. In the critical period of our nation’s history in which God has given us the privilege to live, we must learn more about the Constitution and its protection of our liberties…or they will soon be taken from us, our children, and our grandchildren. RUNNING TIME: 25 minutes