A Biblical Approach to Music


A BIBLICAL APPROACH TO MUSIC is a Scriptural, thought-provoking, easy-to-understand, authentic, thorough study, aid, and guide to Christ-honoring music. It is 335 pages long with extensive endnotes. Dr. Frank Garlock says, This book should be in every Christian’s library. It is an excellent, sensible, practical, and Biblical approach to a sensitive subject because it is saturated with documentation and the Word of God itself. It clarifies the difference between right and wrong in a direct but loving way by differentiating ‘between the culture around us and the Christ within us.’ It is a resource that you will refer to over and over as you seek God’s will in the area of music. I believe it will be a classic for Christians in generations to come should the Lord tarry.”

This beautiful hardback book is recommended and endorsed by (alphabetical order):

  • Pastor Joseph Brown
  • Evangelist Larry & Rhonda Brown
  • Bro. Glenn Christianson
  • Bro. Anthony Collins
  • Bro. Thomas Delp
  • Evangelist Ben Everson
  • Evangelist Byron Foxx
  • Dr. Frank Garlock
  • Mrs. Bonnie Garraway
  • Bro. Mike Hall
  • Ron & Shelly Hamilton
  • Dr. Chuck Harding
  • Pastor Stephen Henderson
  • Adam & Megan Morgan
  • Dr. Kacy Palmore
  • Dr. Johnny Pope
  • Pastor Mike Ray
  • Bro. Ed Russ
  • Pastor Vincent Sawyer
  • Pastor Seth Siceloff
  • Dr. David B. Smith
  • Pastor Mark Swanson
  • Pastor William Tyson
  • Dr. Adrian Van Manen
  • Dr. Mike Wells