Music Videos

(filmed and produced by Caleb Garraway)

Ron Hamilton sings I Saw Jesus in You — a song he wrote years ago in honor of his dad and as a challenge to each of us for others to clear see the glory, goodness, and Gospel of Jesus in our lives. (This film is dedicated to him by his family & friends.)

Here is an exciting men’s arrangement of Ron Hamilton’s stirring song, My Hope Is Jesus. Featuring Adam Morgan, Jason Hamilton, Ben Ferrell, and Micah Hamilton. (We had a lot of fun filming this from 6:30pm to around 1am!)

Jason Hamilton and Megan Morgan sing their father’s beloved classic, Always the Same. Written by Ron Hamilton in 1983. Available on the Hamilton Family album, “Stay the Course.”

NEW a capella version of Ron Hamilton’s most beloved song, Rejoice in the Lord.
From the album, “Stay the Course” available HERE.

Our first music video with Ron Hamilton. He sings of “The Secret Place”
and the importance of walking with God through prayer and Bible reading.

– Download the album and song HERE.

The first ever music video from Majesty Music featuring Patch the Pirate
and crew singing an adventure song LIVE from the album “Ocean Commotion.”

– Download the album and song HERE on iTunes.

“God of Wonders” is a cinematic typography music video that I had the joy of making for them! 
Truly, a moving piece of music that my dear friend Adam Morgan wrote!

New music video from Majesty Music featuring Megan Hamilton Morgan (“Princess Pirate”) singing her husband’s new song,
“The Greatest Story Ever Told” from the latest Patch the Pirate album, Operation Arctic.

– Download the album and song HERE on iTunes.
– Get the sheet music at HERE on!

Megan “Princess Pirate” sings her new song “Stay the Course” from the new Hamilton Family album!
– Order the CD at!
– Download the song on iTunes at HERE.