Hello, family and friends — Caleb here! I wanted to share with you a testimony of God’s protection and blessing. Sunday evening May 3rd, I was driving part of the way home from my revival meeting with Northside Baptist Church in TX, planning to stop around midnight and stay overnight at a missions apartment in Gainesville (provided by my dear friend Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr. and Crossroads Baptist Church). I was going to finish the drive home to Katie and the kids on Monday, May 4th.

At 11:35pm, when I was just 20 minutes away from my destination, I noticed a car rapidly speeding up behind me (driving so fast, it made me feel as if my vehicle was standing still!). I attempted to move over into the other lane to get out of this car’s way, but I couldn’t get over in time and the car smashed into the back of my 15-passenger van. The impact spun my vehicle and made it skid sideways down the highway for about 30 yards. The front of my van collided into the concrete barrier in the middle of the highway, slid along it, and then spun 180 degrees, pivoting and causing the back of my van to also hit the barrier. The car that hit me never stopped but fled the scene immediately. Because of the merciful protective hand of God, I came out unscathed and unharmed, except for a small abrasion on my arm caused by the deployed airbags! It is an absolute miracle that the van did not flip and that I wasn’t hurt more seriously! Another miracle is that a few hours after the accident, the police found the escaped vehicle and arrested the men.

Another miracle is that a few hours after the accident, the police found the escaped vehicle and arrested the men.

I am so grateful for my dear friend, Pastor Randy Taylor, Jr. from Gainesville, who came to my aid in the middle of the night on the side of the road, and helped me remove everything out of my van before it was taken away. I was able to sleep a few hours, and then rent a van to finish the long trip home to Iowa on Monday May 4th. I got home safely around 9:20pm! Praise God!!

Lord willing, the whole family and I are supposed to head out next week for our meetings which will last from May-November (with just a short break at home in August). Because our van is now unusable, we need to purchase a new vehicle for our ministry. Pastor Joseph Brown (our home church pastor of) encouraged us to share this testimony/prayer request with all of our friends and supporters through social media. If the Lord leads you to help us during this unexpected circumstance, we would be very humbled and grateful!

We are indebted to God's goodness and your faithful prayers.

This is for the Lord's Glory and the Gospel's Sake!

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