God Is Performing Miracles!

It’s amazing to behold all that God has done this past week!! Thank you for your prayers! 

The revival meeting was absolutely wonderful. God sweetly worked among His people. There were several visitors, and many were stirred to live “all out” for Christ — with even a few surrendering or re-dedicating their lives to Christ.

God has literally paid for EVERYTHING through our accident (a head-on collision with a deer on a four lane highway)…. We have not asked anyone for money or financial assistance — only God, and it’s all God!!

We have full coverage with our insurance (Praise the Lord) with only a $1,000 deductible. Incredibly, a retired pastor friend of ours in Florida was led of the Lord to give our family $500. This covered half of the deducible!

The agent who is handling our insurance claim for us is a born-again Christian based out of Michigan. (I found this out when I began witnessing to her over the phone, and I openly shared with her the details of our evangelistic ministry.) She called me back about 30 minutes later on her personal cell and said, “Mr. Garraway, I asked my manager if it was okay to contact you like, and he said it would be fine. When you were speaking to me, it gave me chills. I could sense that anointing is upon your ministry. God burdened my heart to personally give you folks $500 to help with your deductible….” WOW!! Incredible!!

Furthermore, God directed us to a van rental company about 30 minutes away from where our van is getting repaired, and the owners are born-again Christians. They gave us a 20% discount because we were in full-time ministry (I didn’t ask — they just offered it!) We were able to rent a 12 passenger van for three weeks for our travels. (We were able to leave a lot of our book table supplies in the storage shed at Canal Fulton Baptist Church where we just conducted the revival meeting in Ohio.)

I was shocked when I received a phone call later that afternoon from dear friends in a church in Manchester TN…. The church deacons and pastor are burdened to help with our expenses, and their sacrificially giving will cover the rental cost!! PRAISE GOD!!

There have been other gestures of kindness along the way that has shown us God’s mercy throughout this entire journey. We know that He is in control, and we give Him the complete glory for all that He has done!

He has lead our vehicle to be repaired at a collision center in Massillon OH (that works with our insurance). It seems to be a very nice place. If all goes well, it is projected to be finished by Friday, June 24th. Please pray to this end! Please pray that everything is fixed perfectly and for God’s hand to continue to be upon this entire process. Thank you for your love and faithful, fervent intercession!!

We are looking forward to our revival Sunday here at Temple Baptist Church in Muncie, Indiana…. We arrived safely last night. Praying for power and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon our three services today at 10am, 11am, and 6pm!

“This is the LORD’s doing; It is marvellous in our eyes.” — Psalm 118:23 


  1. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you for letting us know how things are going and for reminding us how great our God is and how he’s working things out on your behalf. Still here praying for you there.

  2. Praise the Lord! It is so magnificent & awesome to experience His miracles and know that He is in control !
    To God be the glory for the things He hath done !

  3. Yes. We are continuing to keep you in our prayers. It is wonderful how the Lord works. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

  4. The Lord is our refuge, He can take control on whatever may be the situation…praying for His Power to continue to Bless your Ministry and provide all your needs in getting your van fixed and praying for you and your family…God is always aware of our needs….

    1. Praising God for the blessings he is bestowing on your family!
      Praying for your ministry that is touching so many lives across our country✝️

  5. Amen.

    “This is the LORD’s doing; It is marvellous in our eyes.” — Psalm 118:23

  6. ALL Glory, Honor & Praise to the LORD our God!
    May God continue to bless you & your precious family! Praying for souls to be saved & lives to surrender for the cause of Christ!

  7. Praise the Lord for His Wonderful Acts. Wonderful is He.Yes He shall be called Wonderful.

  8. Thanks for sharing and will be praying for your services in Muncie!

  9. The Almighty Creator will continue to see y’all through to the end, and his word will not come back void, and all Glory to God brother Steve from Texas City, Texas

  10. There is nothing like God’s provision and protection that He graciously gives His children! What a blessing to see His mighty hand working in and through your life! Glory to God!

  11. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!🙏🏻🙏🏻

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