Fall / Winter Update 2023

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters:

We pray each of you had a wonderful Christmas and are experiencing a blessed New Year thus far! It is hard to believe 2023 is over already and we are now into 2024, with all of its potential and future ministry opportunities ahead. This past year was a very full year for our family and ministry and boy did it fly by quickly! It is truly incredible to reflect on what God has done! We held 262 revival services in 23 states with 417 precious souls trusting Christ in 2023. Scores of young people were called to preach, to missions, and into full-time Christian service. Countless hundreds of young people and adults surrendered or re-surrendered their lives to Christ!

718,000 Gospel tracts were printed by our ministry “Silent Witness Literature” this year. There were 123,602,794 people reached in 65+ countries through “The Gospel Film Project” on social media. The film (in various languages) received 80,942,082 views, was shared 85,691 times with 14,581 professions of faith! I know this may seem like a flood of numbers, it’s hard for our minds to even fully comprehend all that God has done – but truly, there are no limits to what the Lord can to do when it comes to saving souls. We have been so encouraged to see that even more this year through these ministries!

Since our film, “Redeeming Hope”, was released in May – 7,618 souls that we know of have trusted Christ through watching it! The Lord has been supernaturally at work through this movie. There have been several public showings of it in America, Canada, the Philippines, and Nigeria – all bringing a harvest of souls. During the summer, I began to work with my friend, Bharath Kumar in India, to get “Redeeming Hope” professionally translated and overdubbed into the Telugu language (over 100 million people speak that language in his country). To give you a little background, I have been mentoring Bro. Kumar for the past couple of years; he is a 26-year-old, on-fire-for-God, independent, fundamental Baptist with an excellent Bible college education from South India Baptist Bible College. Bharath and the team did a phenomenal job in getting this translation and overdubbing done, and on October 18th, they held our first “Redeeming Hope Crusade” there. Over 700 attended and over 200 trusted Christ as their personal Saviour! Since then, there have been a total of 20 Crusades in 20 different locations throughout Andhra Pradesh, India, with at least 14,400 different individuals in attendance! The stories from these meetings of lives changed and churches started are absolutely incredible. (Please go to my Facebook profile “Caleb Garraway” to read the reports in detail!) Bro. Bharath and the team have held these meetings on our behalf. Each crusade costs $500 to rent all the equipment necessary to host the event, and God has gloriously provided the funds through His people for every single meeting! Truly – “[t]his is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

This year has been special for our children, as we’ve seen each one grow in their walk with God and service for Him! David (age 11) was called to preach in October after a powerful message I preached on Truth at a youth rally in NM! Jonathan (age 9) surrendered his life to the Lord at the altar after one of our services, burdened to be “ALL IN” in his walk with God and service for the Lord! It was a blessing to see immediate changes in his spirit and countenance after this decision was made, and pray he will remain on the altar, “all in” and ready to do whatever God has for his future! Alyssa (age 7) wept at the altar one evening this fall, and told us, “God is calling me into full-time ministry!” Even Julianna (age 4) has been asking more and more questions about salvation and seems to be quite close to making that special decision to trust Christ as her personal Savior! Please pray with us that it will be SOON! 

All of the children enjoy using their music to serve the Lord as we travel. All 4 sing with us as a family, and the 3 oldest have learned how to harmonize and carry their part as we sing. Alyssa has had chances to play her violin in a few services this year, Jonathan got to play a piano duet with Katie recently in church, and David is now adding trumpet to his instruments he’s learning and has gotten to play it in a couple churches already in just the couple short months he’s been learning. He had prayed and prayed for a trumpet for about a year, expressing many times his desire to learn to play. At a church in Arizona this fall, a man in the church learned of David’s desire to one day play the trumpet. He happened to have a trumpet at home that he wanted to learn but never had. It was just sitting there, shiny and new in its case, waiting to be played. So he decided to give it to David! What a surprise and huge answer to prayer that was! David has loved learning and playing it in our services and even in nursing homes this Christmas as our church folks went caroling!

In December, we had another big surprise gift from God – we found out we are expecting baby #5! We are thrilled and so thankful to Him for entrusting another precious life into our hands! Katie is feeling very well, and the baby is healthy and strong (we actually just saw its heart beating today on the ultrasound for the first time!). We could not be more excited for this new blessing joining our family the beginning of August!

In just a few weeks, our new CD, “Glorious Praise”, will be released, featuring 7 original songs (written by Katie and our 3 oldest children). This album also contains breath-taking scores played by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, aiding in the splendor and majesty of each song as we exalt our wonderful Savior with glorious praise!

We would appreciate your prayers as we leave on January 5th for our Spring Revival Circuit with meetings in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We will be on the road until April with these meetings. Please pray for Katie and the baby’s continued health during this time as well! Our motto for this year is “So Much the More in 2024”! May we all strive, through the power of God, to be more faithful to church, do more for the cause of Christ, share the Gospel with more people, spend more time with God each day in devotions and prayer, and grow more and more into the image of His dear Son in this New Year! 

For the Lord’s Glory & the Gospel’s Sake,

Evangelist Caleb Garraway

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