Please send all physical mail to:

Marion Avenue Baptist Church
ATTN: Caleb Garraway
215 S. Marion Avenue
Washington, IA 52353

My cell number is: (917) 412-0059. Feel free to send me a text or give me a call.
Our home church’s financial manager (John Hays) asks for all checks to be made payable to “Caleb Garraway”, since they do not take care of our finances (nor does our financing go through our home church).

The easiest way could be to send a donation through Paypal.

Please daily pray for:

  • God’s protection as we travel
  • God’s wisdom as we raise three children
  • God’s anointing Holy Ghost power as we preach, teach, and sing
  • God’s provision as we continue to produce material to equip and encourage His people with truth
  • God’s nurturing strength and rest to keep us “fresh” as we actively pursue revival in churches across America.

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